Expectations, Requirements and Budget

What do I get for my money?

With so many florists out there charging different prices or even similarly to one another, it can be hard to choose who to entrust with your floral requests.
At Concept Flowers we like to think we make that choice easy


Quality flowers, Quality designs, Lovingly and perfectly Hand Made by Quality florists


Over 12 years expertise in floral styling. We know how flowers really make a wedding unique


It’s true-you get what you pay for. But at Concept Flowers you get true floral value for your investment

“We enhance what is already beautiful”

We can’t take credit for everything thats beautiful about the flowers we work with, but we can take credit for what we create with them.

Happy Brides to date

years experience


A lot of Time, a lot of Love and a lot of Skill go into creating every design that gets the stamp of approval here at Concept Flowers
For those looking for estimate pricing information, please see our guide below.

We do have a minimum order value of £500.00 and delivery/set up fees are applied to any of our weddings

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personal florals

Your personal florals should be well… just that! Personal!
Everyone we meet requests something different
We Don’t want you to be able to put your bouquet down, and at Concept Flowers we listen to you.
Ensuring your florals are as individual as you are.

The Bride

Florist Choice From £90
Single Variety From £80
Let’s get specific From £125
Garden Roses From £170
Trailing From £165

The Girls

Florist Choice From £45
Single Variety From £40
Let’s get specific From £55
Garden Roses From £65

Little Ones

 Mini Bouquet From £25
Wand From £18
Pommander From £55
Petal Baskets From £35

Hey Fellas

Buttonholes From £8
Pocket Squares From £18.00
Page boys From £6.50

Hey Ladies

Traditional Corsage From £16
Wrist Corsage From £25


 Floral Halos From £45
Floral Combs From £25
Floral Selection From £15

ceremony flowers

Your guests first impression, and where the majority of your photos will be taken.
Don’t be scared to make a statement or invest in key pieces to make a magical floral difference to your ceremony space,
and of course, Where possible, if we can use it once,  how can we use it twice?

Ceremony Table

Long ‘N’ Low From £125
Bottle Mix From £50
Stretch Garlands From £300

The Aisle

Delicate Details From £6.50
Bunches From £15
Floor Placements From £60


 Urns & Plinths From £180
Front Facers From £115

The Entrance

Over Door Arch From £450
Freestanding Arch From £475
Flower Towers From £750
Moon Gate From £1000


Natural Mantles From £150
Bottle Mix From £70


Bannisters From £600
Steps From £600

reception flowers

Ooooo’s and Ahhhhs!
Lets talk tables, and ensure the guests can still interact with each other

Low Designs

Bottle Collectives From £30
Stand Alone Vases From £40
Low Table Runners From £100

Tall Designs

Candleabra From £100
A-top Vases From £90
Tall Table Runners From £250
Statement Makers From £200

Floral Installs

 Beam Decor From £400
Hanging Hoops From £350
Hanging Benches From £600
Marquee Ceilings From £1500

The Cake

Floral Clusters From £25
Floral Swags From £70
Floral Bases From £65

The Thank-yous

Gift Bouquets From £35
Floral Favours From £3

The Details

 Over Sign Garlands From £45
Napkin Florals From £1.50
Chair Backs From £60


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